Our Services

We offer the widest range of services in the market, along with a powerful commitment to make your life great while making great bait.
Our turnkey revolutionary services includes:

3D Precision Prototypes

Have an accurate sample of your actual bait product  in your hand instead of just relying on a CAD drawing before the mold is made.

Custom Molds

We have the latest state-of-the art equipment and staff to build precise molds of the highest quality that you can take pride in.


We have brand new injection machines and our designers customize your unique colors and design to craft your perfect bait.


Complete fulfillment services from custom packaging to shipping. Let our shipping and account management team handle it.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To reinvent bait manufacturing to delight every client we serve.

We want to delight you through innovation. We promise to disrupt convention through ingenuity and offer you the very best methods and products.

What Makes Us Different?

We do things differently than you’ve seen them done before. In fact, we’re here to give you a whole new experience in bait manufacturing.

We eliminate hassles through innovation and ingenuity. Case in point— we offer 3-D Precision Prototypes for every mold. Ask us about it.

We strive to be wildly trustworthy, reliably making the highest quality bait on time and on budget. Give us your wish list — we can make it happen.

At Bait Mavericks, your vision is reality.

What our clients say

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